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Published on April 26th, 2013 | by The Town Crier


Spring Clean Your Make-Up Bag

A must do for spring is to give the old heave ho to unwanted and unloved make-up items! Follow this simple step by step guide.
First, unzip make-up bag and if the zip is broken make a mental note to buy a new one later. Remove all pencil shavings, miscellaneous pencil tops, pencil sharpeners with clogged up holes and broken pencil nibs (which will be scrawling on and wreaking havoc on the lining of said make-up bag).
Clean the sharpener with hot water and a scrubbing brush and sharpen any pencils to a perfect point. Match up to tops to protect newly pointy tips. For any that cannot be reunited with a lid, either be bold and discard or place in a pot in dressing table.
Take a good look at your foundation products. The chances are you need a new overhaul for a new season. A lighter weight foundation with a dewy texture will do just fine. Get a fresh highlighter and bronzer to get the latest luxuriously natural monotone make up looks. All over colour kit from Frontcover includes essentials for contouring and warming up the skin tone.
Shampoo all make-up brushes in warm water, rinse, re shape and leave to dry. Treat yourself to a new eye brush to get this season’s flick; Frontcover’s Mini Blender Brush is a slim shape and, used wet, will draw a smooth line with eye shadow.
Take a look at colour – what eyeshadows do you have lurking in there? I bet half of them are unused and unloved! Create your own custom palette of shades with Frontcover’s interchangeable eye shadow system and chic compact.

Finally, chuck out that old, clogged up, dried out mascara and invest in a shiny new one.
Michelle Hoines-White

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