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Published on May 31st, 2020 | by Joan Hamilton-Smith



If, like me, you’re not the world’s best ‘gardener‘ (not a word I would use for myself by any stretch of the imagination!), the following hints might be of help:

For pot plant problems, in winter it’s quite normal for plants not to grow. If the plant is not growing in spring, the most likely reason is that it has grown too big for its pot. Otherwise it may be under watered or underfed.
If a plant suffers from spindly growth i.e. very tall with only a few leaves, it means it has been given too much food and water for the amount of light available. This happens most often in spring, when there is little light. Cut down on feeding and watering.
If your plant is growing crooked or twisted, you will see it has done so to get nearer to a source of light. Move the plant so as to give it more light. If the plant is already in plenty of light, turn it regularly so that the whole plant get the same amount of light.
If leaves are dropping and they are old, the most likely cause is under watering. If the leaves are fairly young and turn yellow before dropping, the cause is probably over-watering.

To keep cut flowers fresh as long as possible, change the water and cut off a small piece of the stems every day. If the stems are hard and woody (rose stems for example), they should be crushed at the ends to encourage the absorption of water.

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