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Published on July 1st, 2016 | by Perrin


Update from the Common’s

We are already half way through the year and we are now well into our Summer work programme. We are now starting to cut sightlines around the Commons and have already carried out a sweep of the roadside margins with the big hedging flail. We are just about to start cutting the edges of major paths across both Commons and we are starting to prepare the Common for Britain in Bloom judging, that will be taking place in July. I am pleased that this year the Commons will be going into the competition as an independent entry, rather than just a part of the Town’s effort; this should give us much more time with the judges than in previous years.

This year we are also carrying out a major programme of bench restoration on Tunbridge Wells Common, with twenty five benches due to be renovated. This work is being paid for through compensation money being paid by the developers of the old Hospital site. This is to help the Commons to cope with the extra pressure that the new residents will place on us. This money is also paying for some new bins and dog bag dispensers as well. Because this compensation money comes from a development on Tunbridge Wells Common, the planners want us to concentrate the benefits of this money there but I hope to be able to carry out some more of this work on Rusthall Common later in the year.

As many of you will be aware, we have just suffered another incursion onto the Common by travellers; this time on the Lower Cricket Pitch on Tunbridge Wells Common. The group who occupied this area are the same ones who have recently caused similar problems at Tonbridge School and at the Cadogen sports ground near the Masonic Hall on St John’s Rd. They arrived, as they always do on a Friday night, when it is more difficult to initiate proceedings against them. Thankfully, as with the last time we suffered an invasion of the Commons, the Borough Council and the Police were very helpful and we managed to eject them on the following Tuesday. Also thankfully, they did not leave as much mess as was left on the Bumps when Rusthall Common was the target two years ago but I am very relieved to see the back of them, as no doubt are many local residents as well as ordinary users of the Common.

I must also thank Bryan and Wendy our excellent litter contractors, who cleared the worst of the site the same day the travellers left and also helped to secure the site after they were gone.


Steve Budden – Commons Warden

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