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Published on November 20th, 2012 | by Perrin


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs This Year’s Christmas Panto

Nothing says Christmas more than a traditional British Panto. The cries of, ‘He’s behind you’, puffs of smoke as the baddy appears, boos and hisses from the audience, the rustling of Quality Street wrappers and the slightly risqué jokes all combine to produce a generation spanning experience. This year’s production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Assembly Hall will prove to be as popular as ever we’re sure. Town Crier got to speak to some of the cast members before they were due to start on their very intense rehearsals.

It was a rare hot and sunny day at the end of the summer and should anyone have been walking on the Common, they may well have caught sight of Snow White, the Wicked Queen, Muddles, Nursie, the pantomime Dame, and a couple of dwarfs, clambering over the rocks in full costume and stage make-up. Janine Duvitski (One Foot in the Grave, Benidorm and Abigail’s Party to name but a few of her many films and TV roles), who plays the Wicked Queen told us that this is her first panto since the 70’s but she’s looking forward to playing the role of baddy although she seemed much too lovely in real life! She’s hoping that her family will come and watch her on Xmas Eve before they return to their home in London for their one day break for Xmas, although Janine’s daughter is herself performing in pantomime this year. Like mother…

Chris Pizzey, who plays Muddles, will be recognised by all the youngest members of the family because he plays Mr Stephen in ‘the Basil Brush Show’ It’s the second time he’s done Panto at Tunbridge Wells and his wife comes from Cranbrook so he feels quite at home here. And this year will be the first Christmas with their baby so it will be truly magical. Chris has a lot of experience within kid’s and teen’s TV and next year will be expanding that into writing as his first book is published for children.

Snow White is played by the very pretty and talented Jenny Jones and Nick Wilton of Eastenders fame looked like the wonderfully over-the-top Dame that we all expect in our pantomime. Josh Bennett, who was one of the dwarfs in Channel 4’s reality show, is joined by his mum in the production, and although only they were at the photocall, I’ve been assured they will be joined by five dwarfs to make the prerequisite seven! Altogether now, ‘Hi Ho, Hi Ho…’



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