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Published on April 25th, 2013 | by The Town Crier


Hawkenbury based paraglider attempts Himalayan 100km Challenge

David Maidman lives in Hawkenbury. He is 49 years old and married with two teenage children. He has been paragliding for around four years and usually flies on the beautiful South Downs near Glynde. To find more reliable gliding conditions, he has travelled to Europe (when work and family commitments allow) and has flown in many countries including Spain, Morocco and France.
In October 2013, David intends to paraglide 100km unassisted and in one continuous flight, through the Himalayas. This will involve searching for lifting air and thermals (rising bubbles of warm air) and should take around four to five hours to reach his goal. David says: “This year I am focussing training on ‘thermalling technics’ (staying within rising air) in order to maintain height and to achieve cross-country potential and ultimately my 100km goal!!
A colleague will fly alongside him taking HD video and still pictures, then the footage will be released through various local and regional outlets.
There is of course, always the possibility that the thermals could ‘stop working’ and he would be heading down! He must then seek a safe landing zone and prepare to hike to the nearest village – this is when the ADVENTURE truly begins…..
It is hoped that this challenge will raise a substantial amount of money for David’s two Kent-based charities – Kent Air Ambulance and Demelza House. It is also hoped that it will raise the awareness of windpower as a renewable source, which can be harnessed and applied.
David is looking for corporate and individual sponsorship.
Donations can be made securely and directly through his Just Giving website at http//:www.justgiving.com/DAVID-MAIDMAN and he would be most grateful for your support.

He needs your support to provide him with the much-needed encouragement and motivation, so please give generously and help David achieve his goal whilst raising much-needed funds for his two very worthwhile charities.


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