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Published on November 28th, 2015 | by Perrin


Common’s update: November 2015

We have finally finished the cutting of all our paths, tracks and grassland areas; a task that gets slightly larger each year, as we gradually extend glades and clearances and open new paths through our woodlands. It has been a good year for this work, with relatively dry conditions until very recently. A slight problem has been caused by the unusually warm conditions, which has extended the grass growing season right into November this year, probably a problem that most of us are happy to put up with given the alternative! Now however, our attention is turning to tree work and when the leaves have finally come down, the clearance of drainage ditches and tarmac paths. We will be starting our tree works by clearing a few trees that have died this year or have potentially dangerous problems and then we will be moving on to some more scalloping of the woodland edge along some of the roads crossing the Common. As well as reducing any potential problems on our roads, this work creates an excellent diversity of habitats, with a much greater potential range of plant species within the graded woodland edge.

The volunteers have started their main task of this Winters work season; a clearance of scrub to expose more of the rock outcrop at Bulls Hollow and improve access from the Toad Rock complex. When the volunteers have finished, our contractors will go in and deal with any remedial work required on larger trees, remove stumps and prepare the ground so that we can maintain it easily in future. This lovely area of Rusthall Common is remarkably little known and with it’s dramatic cliffs and buttresses, it is well worth a visit. If you have not already done so, why not download one of the new maps from our website (www.twcommons.org) and go exploring.

We have just moved offices and are no longer in the lovely old building next to the Police station. We have been given a room in the basement of the Town Hall; no nice view of the Hotel Du Vin anymore but it’s a good office and we are very lucky to have the use of it. The move went pretty smoothly until it came to setting up the computer, when we discovered that we could not send emails any longer. It took ages to get this problem resolved, so apologies to anyone who was left waiting for a reply, I think we have completely caught up now.

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