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Published on April 7th, 2015 | by Perrin



There is a lot of talk around about this state of mind, it used to be a state of Englishness….possibly an over awareness of what other people might think of you and a resultant over politeness fused with ill-informed judgment. This was a black and white film depiction of a 1950’s and before way of life, stultifying, but possibly healthier for a non-violent society than Tony Blair’s absurd notion of ‘respect’.

The new movement of ‘mindfulness’ though is to be encouraged. If architects lawyers and people in public office etc. could be encouraged to freeze frame moments in their decision making ‘processes’ and reflect in the moment on what they are doing, the world may become sweeter.

Actions have consequences often unseen. Public decision making can have generational implications. Hubris has become the norm but this is hubris without grandeur which on occasion can be forgiven but not the second rate thoughtless (not mindful) behaviour by officialdom which could be quelled if the particular moment when a decision is made could be remembered by the decision maker as a memorable point in their life.

This impression on the memory on any person can only have good implications. They may even be more polite. It seems that we are all becoming naturally aggressive in our relationships where money or services are involved. If we stop and take a ‘snap shot ‘ of the encounter and view from the outside perhaps we will become English (polite) again.

In heaven architects use wooden window frames where appropriate and have heard of Vitruvious. In Tunbridge Wells (for instance) a mindful architect or Town Planner will think and be proud of sticking to a plan that will make people proud of him.

That is the difference.

Marcus Rowell

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