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Published on May 22nd, 2013 | by The Town Crier


Austin Healey and British Military Fitness team up to launch events in Tunbridge Wells

Rugby legend Austin Healey has backed a new campaign from British Military Fitness, the UK’s biggest and best-loved outdoor fitness classes, which has an outdoor venue at Tunbridge Wells Common in Tunbridge Wells. The campaign is designed to inspire the nation to get outside and to burn off two million calories at its BMF START events, which launch next month. BMF START events will take place across the UK from May to July and the free one-hour classes are designed for those who want to give outdoor fitness a go.

For former England and Lions rugby player Austin Healey, fitness continues to play an important part in his life, even after his retirement from rugby in 2006. Austin turns 40 this year and is doing his first triathlon. He is participating in BMF sessions as part of his training regime. Austin believes that the nation needs to START a new challenge to get more active and that BMF START events provide the perfect opportunity for those who want to get more active in the great outdoors.

Austin Healey said: “There are more ways than ever before to keep fit and active yet as a nation we are becoming more obese and less active. Working with British Military Fitness I want us to inspire people to swap their slippers for a pair of trainers.  For me, there’s no better way to keep fit and enjoy working out than in the great outdoors. What’s great about BMF START events is that it’s a level playing field. Everyone is new and giving it a go for the first time…  Combine this with an expert team of ex-military instructors, plenty of banter, and a really effective workout, and you can see why a BMF START event is the perfect way to kick-start your fitness this summer.”

Austin continued: “With BMF START we hope to make more people in the UK more active outside this summer. I’m looking forward to the first BMF START events in May and hope to see many people giving British Military Fitness a go for the first time, and watching those calories burn away!”

British Military Fitness was the first national outdoor military-style group fitness provider and is the UK’s market leader.  Classes are tried and tested and are proven to deliver results to those who work out with BMF regularly.  Burning on average 400 calories per one-hour session, British Military Fitness and Austin Healey are confident that at least two million calories will be shed at BMF START sessions this summer. So what does two million calories equate to?

The world’s largest cupcake

  • 30,000 slices of white bread
  • 16,000 glasses of wine
  • 8,000 sausages
  • 2,092 chips (one serving of 400g of chips)
  • 14,388 cans of Coke
  • 4,762 McDonald’s Quarter Pounder burgers

BMF START sessions are free but places are limited. You need to book your session in advance at www.britmilfit.com/bmfstart

 The Tunbridge Wells START sessions are taking place at Tunbridge Wells Common at the following dates and times:

  • Saturday 1 June 09:30
  • Tuesday 11 June 19:15
  • Saturday 29 June 09:30
  • Saturday 20 July 09:30

For more information about British Military Fitness please visit www.britmilfit.com



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