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Published on May 22nd, 2013 | by The Town Crier


Diary of a Resourceful Commuter

As we have established that exercise is not possible on a packed commuter train, I wondered what other hobbies could prove to be a productive use of commuting time.

Reading. The obvious one. I have seen plenty of reading. It is a train pastime I would enjoy more readily were it not for the fact that I am currently reading an epic 700-page Tudor tome. I’d wager the size of that book is roughly the volume of my modest tote, and would therefore not leave room for any of the ‘essential’ items I carry with me on a daily basis.  Not to mention the weight of said book plus handbag. I’m already worried about developing a hunch due to single-sided handbag carrying.

Commuting isn’t just about sitting on a train; the walk at either end has led to some pretty inventive handbag-carrying styles. I’m rotating through each shoulder, satchel style and crook of the arm in order not to develop a unilateral bodybuilder physique. On a quiet stretch of road I’ll even try a few subtle bicep curls with my handbag weight in my non-dominant hand in an attempt to even it out.

So reading, while a popular train pastime for most, will have to wait until I can find a slimmer volume to enjoy. I was hoping to read The Great Gatsby before the film is released. It’s a much shorter book – I think a week of train journeys should provide enough reading time.

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